Pat Davidson for STRS Board

The Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association, Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors, Ohio STRS Members Only Forum, and STRS Ohio Watchdogs have formally endorsed Pat Davidson, Berea City School District, for the contributing (active) teacher seat on the STRS Board. 

STRS leadership has led active teachers down a path where they are paying more and working longer for less, while retired teachers are facing financial hardships due to COLA loss. 

Trustees who continue to allow this to happen and resist change must be replaced by individuals like Pat Davidson.

Pat Davidson explains why he is running for the contributing seat on the STRS Ohio Board

Q & A with Pat Davidson

Q & A with Pat Davidson.pdf

STRS reforms in 2012 and 2017 have dramatically affected personal financial planning for active and retired members.

Pat is a business and computer teacher in the Berea City School District with 22 years of classroom experience. For the majority of his career, he's taught personal finance classes to high school students.

Pat is running for the STRS board because the STRS reforms in 2012 and 2017 have dramatically affected personal financial planning for active and retired members.

If elected to the STRS Board, he will continue to pursue constructive conversations that challenge STRS to address the needs of active members without risking the system's long-term stability.

Pat will work toward advancing the following goals:

January 25, 2023

Active Teachers, your vote COUNTS this Spring!

Colleagues, particularly OEA members - hear me out. 

I am a member of OEA. My local works hard for teachers. But concerning STRS, what have OEA endorsed candidates done to help you? They have reduced your benefits and increased the number of years you must work. 

MOF, STRS Watchdogs, ORTA and OFT have endorsed the reform candidate Pat Davidson for the STRS board. 

But, if you are asking yourself...why NOT the OEA endorsed candidate? Why shouldn't I go with my association?

Well, here are just some starters for you. SHARE this with your colleagues. I'II bet their retirement is more important to them than any loyalty to an association!

Why NOT Arthur Lard (current OEA endorsed board member)?

Michelle Flanigan
OEA Building Rep
Brunswick High School

January 19, 2023

Sign the Petition asking Treasurer Sprague to appoint a pro-teacher board member!

As reported by The Toledo Blade, Editorial: A Revealing Appointment, there is a sudden vacancy on the STRS board as one of the anti-reform members just submitted his resignation from the eleven-member board.

State Treasurer Robert Sprague will be making a new appointment to the board at any moment.

Please join ORTA in encouraging Treasurer Sprague to appoint a board member who will join the five existing pro-reform members to fight for transparency and accountability.

Pro-reform board members are saying “NO MORE” to STRS accounting gimmicks, lack of transparency, misreporting of investment performance and unconscionable staff bonuses.

Click here to sign our petition calling on Treasurer Sprague to appoint a pro-reform board member!

Treasurer Sprague needs to hear how STRS mismanagement has resulted in lost COLA’s and broken promises for retired teachers.

He needs to hear how active teachers are being forced to pay more and work longer for less benefits.

He needs to know new leadership is needed at STRS.

Also join us in calling the Treasurer’s office at 614-466-2160 and emailing to speak your mind.

Together we are making a difference.

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